Committees Are Making Progress!

Sandra Staveski, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC
PCICS President

Sandra Staveski, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC

It is an honor and a privilege to write this message to the PCICS membership about the society’s upcoming efforts.

The Board of Directors developed three strategic priorities for 2018: 1) focusing on our organization’s financial health, 2) increasing our society’s international presence, and 3) increasing nursing participation and presence within PCICS.

Our organization is made up of dedicated volunteers. I’ll be honest, it does require an investment in time and energy to serve on the Board and on our committees. PCICS is very lucky to have so many enthusiastic volunteers. I want to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers for their support and commitment to advancing the field of pediatric cardiac critical care.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share the PCICS committee members and their 2018 goals: 

The Research Steering Committee is refining their committee structure and has secured representation on the program planning committee to advance scientific presentations at our yearly meetings. The committee has been moving toward dissemination of three white papers, and is continuing its efforts on a multi-site research collaboration under the direction of Jean Connor and Brad Marino.

Members: Brian Benneyworth, Nancy Pike, John Kheir, Jamie Penk, Michael Cisco

The International Committee is continuing to explore criteria for partnership with other international societies, enabling activities for overseas cardiac training trips, expanding the nursing guidelines to include care in low- and middle-income countries, increasing our international membership, and promoting our international reach under the guidance of Frank Malloy, Kate Brown, and Parvathi Iyer.

Members: Andrew Argent, Maria Balestrini, Dot Beke, Bruna Cury, Tahira Faiz, Muhammad Bakr Ghbeis, Ndidi Musa, Maura O’Callaghan, Steven Schwartz, Neil Spenceley, Paola Cogo, Ricardo Magliola

The Connections Committee, under the leadership of Sarah Tabbutt, David Werho, and Mary Taylor, are working on: 1) increasing membership and institutional sponsorship, 2) our newsletter, 3) improving the interface and usability of our website, 4) increasing our available podcasts and listenership, 5) improving our visibility, impression, and engagement on social media, and 6) increasing collaborations with other societies.

Members: Vijay Anand, John Costello, Gwen Fosse, Therese Giglia, Ashleigh Harlow, Jennifer Schuette, Deanna Tzanetos, Jill Zender

The Education Committee, under the leadership of Lindsey Justice and Mary McBride are working on: 1) an RN curriculum, 2) APP curriculum courses and CEU test, 3) multi-disciplinary simulation pre-conference, 4) translation of nursing guidelines into Spanish, and 5) development of electronic versions of various curricula.

Members: Justine Fortkiewicz, Christin Huff, Christopher Mastropietro, Lisa McCabe, Uri Pollack, Cecilia St. George-Hyslop, Lilian Su, Catherine Allan, Ronald Bronicki, Amy Donnellan, Dot Beke, Louise Callow, Melissa Jones

The Program Committee is working on the 14th Annual International Meeting in Miami, assisting with organizing the London 2019 meeting, faculty compensation guidelines, a program committee handbook, a plan for video-streaming talks, our World Congress of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Society’s Singapore 2018 pre-conference, and supporting the Asia Pacific Society meeting in Bali under the direction of Melissa Jones and John Costello.

Members: David Axelrod, Katie Bates, Brian Benneyworth, Jason Buckley, Nancy Pike, Dot Beke, Kate Brown, Nikhil Chanani, Lindsey Justice, Darren Klugman, Mary McBride, Neil Spenceley, Roxanne Kirsch, Geoff Bird, David Bailly

The Quality Committee, under the leadership of Darren Klugman and Steven Schwartz, is analyzing and publishing the PCICS QI survey data and developing a QI-specific webpage on the PCICS website.

Members: Vijay Anand, Nikhil Chanani, Amy Donnellan, Aliana Kipps, Deanna Tzanetos, Michael Gaies, Edward Hickey, Lindsay Jackson, Brian Joy, Lisa Kohr, Moga Michael-Alice, Stephen Roth, Mark Scheurer, Andrew Shin, Jean Storey, Sarah Teele

Thank you to all of our committee co-chairs and members for your tireless efforts! Our society is stronger because of you.

In addition, the Nursing Board Members are creating special interest groups for bedside nurses, administrators, advanced practice providers, and clinical nurse specialists/nurse educators.  If you are interested in joining a special interest group, please contact Louise Callow at Thank you Louise Callow and Dawn Tucker for your leadership with the special interest groups.

Finally, I would like to thank the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors for their excellent leadership in moving PCICS forward.

Volunteer service is a privilege and an honor. What you can learn in your service to PCICS can enhance your personal and career skills. Several of the committees will be reaching out for additional volunteers to move their work forward – we hope you will consider volunteering your talent and time to PCICS when you get the call.

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