End-Organs: The Kidneys

Jarrod D. Knudson, MD, PhD, FACC
Ivie D. Esangbedo, MD, MPH

Ivie D. Esangbedo, MD, MPH
Associate Editor, PCICS Newsletter
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas
Division of Critical Care Medicine, Cardiac Intensive Care

This edition of the newsletter delves into end-organ issues in pediatric cardiac patients, with a focus on the renal system. Kidney injury in pediatric cardiac patients is common both pre- and post-operatively, and this is a topic that we expect will be of interest to all.  We are lucky to have editorial contributions from multiple pediatric cardiac intensivists who have a clinical or research interest in acute kidney injury.
The Early Career Editorial is by Dr. Tara Neumayr, a cardiac intensivist and nephrologist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. She provides an interesting discussion on acute kidney injury (AKI) in neonates with cardiac disease. The Guest Editorial for this edition is a composite article that was written collaboratively by four cardiac intensivists – Drs. Katja Gist, Jamie Penk, David Kwiatkowski and David Cooper. It is an educational overview of kidney injury in the cardiac intensive care unit (CICU) and future directions.

Also take a look at the executive updates from PCICS President, Dr. John Costello, and from PCICS Vice President, Melissa Jones, NP. The Quality Committee has been re-structured as the Quality Improvement and Safety (QI-S) Committee and has two new co-chairs. Read the committee update for an introduction.

Finally, the Program Committee is proud to announce that a record number of abstracts were submitted for the upcoming London meeting. PCICS has been held in the UK twice before and returns for the third time this year from November 20-22 ( Get updates about this meeting by following the PCICS Twitter handle (@PCICS2) or through the official conference hashtag #JPCCIM2019.

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