An Update from the PCICS Vice President

Melissa B. Jones, MSN, APRN, CPNP-AC
PCICS Vice President
CICU Nurse Practitioner
Director, Neurocardiac Critical Care Program
Children’s National Hospital
Washington, DC

Darren Klugman, MD

Melissa B. Jones, MSN, APRN, CPNP-AC

We are really looking forward to our 15th Annual Meeting, The Joint Paediatric Critical Care International Meeting sponsored by PCICS, the United Kingdom-based Paediatric Intensive Care Society (PICS) and the organizers of the European Conference on Paediatric and Neonatal Cardiac Intensive Care (EPNCIC) in London, November 20-22.   

The Program Committee, led by Kate Brown, MD, Duncan Macrae, MD, BMSc, MB, ChB, FRCA and the leadership of PICS and EPNCIC has organized fantastic sessions that combine general pediatric intensive care and pediatric cardiac intensive care.  As a society, we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with PICS and EPNCIC to develop this unique multi-societal meeting. 

In addition to our partnership with PICS and EPNCIC, this meeting exemplifies successful collaboration within our society.  While the Program Committee has led meeting planning, development of scientific content, and management of the meeting budget, the Research and Connections Committees have made key contributions to the meeting.  The Research Committee has worked tirelessly on abstract review and selection process while the Connections Committee is committed to podcast development at the meeting and managing meeting communication through our website and social media outlets.  As we get closer to the meeting date, please check our website, and twitter feed for the latest meeting news (@PCICS2).

Our Committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are really the engine of our society.  The committees continue to mature and formalize their subcommittee structure and leadership.  The four nursing SIGs (Advance Practice Provider, Administrative, Bedside Nurse and Educator/CNS), have grown to a combined membership of over 100 participants!  We have worked over the past several months to align the committee and SIG structures by revising the Committee Terms of References and writing SIG Terms of Reference.   The SIG’s are a terrific way for nurses to get involved in the society.

In addition to the work on the London meeting, the Committees and SIGs are tremendously productive and continue to work towards achieving our overarching goals of developing educational materials and enhancing our member benefits.   For example, the Advance Practice Provider SIG set a goal of establishing an online networking platform.  The APP SIG co-chairs, Christine Riley and Laura Presnell, and members Monica Mafla and Jill Zender, put together a proposal of several options for networking platforms. 

After consulting with the Connections Committee about specific considerations for an online networking platform (ie: the need for moderator, ground rules, membership list maintenance, etc.), the group has decided to pilot a Google Group to promote networking, communication and community-building.  We will evaluate the success of the Google Group, and consider expanding as a member benefit for other groups within the Society. 

Our volunteer members continue to lead the exciting growth of our Society.  Our meeting in London exemplifies the hard work and dedication of so many parts of our Society, and our partnership with our colleagues in PICS and EPNCIC.  This meeting will be a unique opportunity for us to build our community of colleagues around the world.

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