Bedside RN Special Interest Group

Alexandra Beckham, RN, BSN, RN
Atrium Health Levine Children's Hospital
Huntersville, NC

Karene Proffitt, BSN, RN, CCRN
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Annette Imprescia RN, BSN, CCRN
Boston Children’s Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts 

Katherine Brown, MD
Alexandra Beckham, RN, BSN, RN

The Bedside RN Special Interest Group is designed to encourage and provide an opportunity for PCICS nursing members to share information relevant to the professional bedside nursing care of the pediatric cardiac patient. Our goals are to examine the practice areas for the bedside nurse to ultimately create a tool kit that can be utilized by PCICS nursing members to promote best practice and foster professionalism. Membership will be comprised of PCICS nursing members from across the country who represent various institutions and practice areas. Initially, meetings will be scheduled on a monthly basis. Topics and deliverables will be discussed and projects established. Together, through collective collaboration, this group aims to highlight successful achievements and enhance the role of a pediatric cardiac nurse.

With our mission statement in mind, our current projects have been to work on identifing best practices for nursing hand-offs in pediatric cardiac acute and critical care. The group is also actively recruiting new members to join throughout the PCICS community. This includes the collaboration and utilization of multi-platforms so that the bedside RN can continuously participate in discussions and rolling projects when the time best suits the RN.

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