Internationally Focused Now and In the Future

John M. Costello, MD, MPH
President, PCICS
Vice Chair of Clinical Research, Department of Pediatrics
Director of Research, Children’s Heart Center
Professor of Pediatrics, Medical University of South Carolina

John M. Costello, MD, MPH

The PCICS leadership team and our committees continue to focus on our highest priorities for 2019, which are to continue to develop our educational products and related resources and, to enhance benefits for PCICS members. Consistent with the theme of this edition of our newsletter, we also continue to work on one of the 2018 high priorities, which was to increase the international presence and impact of PCICS.

One way that we are reaching out to our members and friends around the world is through our podcasts. This effort is being led by David Werho and other members of the Connections Committee. A dozen podcasts are now available through Apple iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play Music. These recordings are highly educational and entertaining, and they certainly can help make our commutes to and from work fly by quickly! Search “PCICS” on one of the above platforms to find our podcasts.

PCICS’s 15th Annual International Meeting will be held November 20-22, 2019, in London, England. This meeting is officially titled the “Joint Paediatric Critical Care International Meeting" because it is being sponsored by PCICS, the United Kingdom-based Pediatric Intensive Care Society and the organizers of the European Conference on Pediatric and Neonatal Cardiac Intensive Care. PCICS funds have been allotted to support the travel and attendance of two CICU clinicians from underdeveloped nations. Abstract submissions for the London meeting closed on August 1 and we received over 420 submissions! Registration for the meeting is open. Make your hotel reservations now!

PCICS will be collaborating with the Organizing Committee for the 8th World Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, which will be held in Washington, DC, on September 19-24, 2021.  This spring, we solicited self-nominations from PCICS members to serve on the World Congress’ CICU tract Program Committee. Thirty-five applications were reviewed and recommendations were sent to the World Congress Organizing Committee. I am pleased to announce that PCICS members Chris Mastropietro, Maria Balestrini and Lindsey Justice will Co-chair this important multidisciplinary, international committee. Other members include Lara Shekerdemian, Darren Klugman, Dot Beke, Eric Graham, Eva Marwali, Liz Smith, Ndidi Musa, David Cooper, Peter Roeleveld and Tia Raymond. I am confident that this group will develop an outstanding CICU program for the anticipated 5,000 international attendees at the 2021 World Congress.

In order to have accurate projections for future workforce needs within our field, longtime PCICS member, Catherine Krawczeski, is leading a comprehensive cardiac intensive care attending physician workforce survey project. All attending physicians who practice cardiac intensive care in the United States should have received an email invitation to participate.  If you have not yet been invited to complete this confidential online survey, please email Shasha Bai.

Finally, I hope all of you are finding time this summer to rejuvenate and relax with family and friends. The field of pediatric cardiac intensive care can be stressful at times, and maintaining some semblance of balance in our lives will ultimately benefit our patients in the long run.

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