PCICS in 2019 and Beyond

John M. Costello, MD, MPH
PCICS President

John Costello, MD, MPH
John Costello, MD, MPH

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge Sandy Staveski, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC for her amazing service as the President of PCICS for the last two years. Under Sandy’s leadership, there has been an unprecedented growth in our Society’s membership, and we set an all-time record for the number of attendees at the 14th Annual International Meeting held in December in Miami Beach, Florida. In response to the rapidly increasing scope and complexity of the Society, Sandy successfully implemented several additional formal structures for strategic planning and workflows within the PCICS Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Perhaps most importantly, Sandy substantially increased the engagement and opportunities for nurses within our Society. During her tenure, a number of nursing-based Special Interest Groups were created, and several very successful bedside nursing and advanced practice provider courses were offered and written curricula developed. Sandy demonstrated tremendous dedication and passion for PCICS, and we are fortunate that she will remain an important part of our leadership team for the next two years, serving as the Immediate Past President. After many years at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Sandy transitioned this month to a new faculty position at The University of California San Francisco School of Nursing. Please join me in congratulating Sandy on her very successful tenure as PCICS President, and wishing her great success in her new role at UCSF.

For 2018, the PCICS leadership team focused on four strategic priorities: Increasing the society’s financial health, growing our international presence, increasing nursing opportunities and membership recruitment, retention, and engagement. We made tremendous progress on all four of these priorities. Details of accomplishments in each area are summarized in our 2018 scorecard, which may be accessed by clicking the following link.

For 2019, we plan to develop a three-five year diverse plan to continue to improve the society’s financial portfolio. The old adage “no margin, no mission” certainly applies to our nonprofit organization. Another optic to consider would be “no mission, no margin,” and I believe that all of us are confident in the important mission of our society. Regardless of one’s perspective on this issue, we are quite fortunate that David Cooper, our Treasurer, will be leading the initiative to develop an intermediate-term financial strategic plan. We look forward to sharing the details with all of our members in the coming months. We also recognized the tremendous value of PCICS in providing educational products, courses and related opportunities for all of our members and other clinicians who care for critically ill cardiac patients around the world. Continuing to develop these educational resources will be a major focus for 2019. Finally, our leadership team believes that we should continue to expand and optimize the many benefits that PCICS provides for our members. Optimizing value for PCICS members is the third strategic priority for 2019. More information about existing benefits may be found on our website: Please feel free to share your thoughts with our committee co-chairs, our Board members or me as to how we can best serve your needs.

PCICS has benefited from tremendous leadership since the Society was created nearly two decades ago. I am certainly humbled by the opportunity to continue to contribute to the leadership of this wonderful organization. I welcome all of you to partner with us as we seek to improve the care we provide for critically ill children with cardiac disease and their families, to enhance the education of the clinicians who provide this care and to develop new knowledge. Continuing to make important and sustainable progress towards these goals is not easy, but is certainly achievable with the collective efforts of the international team that is PCICS.

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