PCICS Nursing Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Louise Callow, MSN, CPNP
CS Mott Children's Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI

The PICICS Nursing SIGs were developed to address specific interests of nursing membership, extend opportunities for nursing involvement and participation in PCICS committees and working groups, and increase PCICS nursing membership. The PCICS SIGs' inaugural meeting, sponsored by Children’s National Medical Center, was held at the PCICS International Meeting in December. The breakfast meeting provided a general introduction to the purpose of the Nursing SIGs, shared goals of the individual SIGs, introduced SIG leadership, and created an atmosphere for networking and interest-sharing in breakout groups for each SIG. Administrative, APP, Bedside Nursing and CNS/Educator chairs and co-chairs guided specific SIG discussions regarding current initiatives and future projects. There was active, engaged sharing throughout and beyond the breakfast hour. Attendees were given a one-page document outlining goals, initiatives, and contact information specific to each SIG. They were encouraged to learn more about SIG participation through communication and engagement in monthly conference calls, exploring SIG shared space on the PCICS website, and collaborating in project planning.

SIG chairs and co-chairs shared initiatives while networking with participants.

Nursing SIG 1

Administrative SIG

  • Conducting a membership survey to identify top priorities
  • Develop and implement educational programs reflecting top priorities
  • Creation of a link to evidence-based literature
  • Creation of monthly Facebook posts to update on a topic of interest from the survey with expansion to Instagram and Twitter to extend visibility
  • Podcast offering of “CPR for the Soul” program from Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, to all PCICS membership
  • Chair: Lex Perri at
  • Co-chair: Justin Yeh at


  • Monthly Center Highlight focusing on an APP program at a specific center
  • Hot Topic moderated discussion on pressing practice issues to assist with implantation of practice changes and/or to problem solve practice challenges
  • Created a committee workspace on the PCICS website
  • Development of continuing education programs using podcast/webinars on topics specific to APP practice in pediatric cardiac CICU/acute care
  • Creation of a communications committee to reach APPs nationally and internationally to increase participation in PCICS and the APP SIG
  • Chair: Christine Riley at  
  • Co-chair: Laura Presnell at

Beside Nursing SIG

CNS/Educator SIG

  • Development, testing, and evaluating a simulation program for bedside nurses
  • Assisting with completion of the PCICS Nursing Curriculum
  • Development, utilization, and evaluation of a pre-and post-orientation nursing assessment tool
  • Creation and piloting of a preceptor development and survival guide
  • Development and implementation of strategies for retention and recruitment of CICU/acute care nursing staff
  • Participation in a PCICS Education subcommittee for PODcast/webinar management
  • Chair: Amy Donnellan at
    Co-chair: Jenifer Peterson at

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