An Update from the PCICS Vice President

Melissa B. Jones, MSN, APRN, CPNP-AC
PCICS Vice President

Darren Klugman, MD

Melissa B. Jones, MSN, APRN, CPNP-AC

On the heels of our 14th Annual International Meeting in Miami, and as the new year begins, it’s a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of the Society over the past year. We’ve made tremendous strides under the leadership of Sandy Staveski. Sandy’s commitment to leading meaningful change and promoting growth that aligned with our four 2018 goals was quite remarkable. The scorecard provides an overview of some of the major achievements. I am personally grateful for Sandy’s mentorship and guidance over the past several years on the Board of Directors. Sandy is a true champion for pediatric cardiac intensive care nursing – and for that, so many of us are grateful. 

We have also benefitted from the leadership and hard work of John Costello, who served with me as a co-chair of the Program Committee. Despite a recent move with his family to South Carolina and a new leadership position at the Medical University of South Carolina, John has been tirelessly committed to developing a high quality program that promotes multidisciplinary clinical and research innovation within our field. We were thrilled with the program, faculty, sponsors and attendance at the meeting. As the newly-elected Vice President of the Society, I am very excited to continue working with John as the new President of the Society!

Each year, our meeting reminds me of the community that we have built notwithstanding the many miles between our centers. There are so many technological advances in our field that will continue to change the way we collaborate and deliver care, but nothing can replace the value of a face-to-face conversation with a colleague/friend (and those in-person meetings are especially rewarding for folks who communicate by email and phone for months or years leading up to these meetings!). After the meeting this year, I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be part of such a talented, driven and accomplished community that is working each and every day to improve the lives of children and families affected by heart disease. 

As we kick off 2019, we have lots of work to do! We have an engaged Board of Directors, a strong committee structure, growing special interest groups and lots of energy to meet our 2019 goals, which are:    

  • Improve the Society’s financial portfolio with a three-five year plan to support investments in future strategic initiatives
  • Improve and expand our revenue-generating educational products and initiatives
  • Optimize and expand member benefits to facilitate growth of the Society
I look forward to the privilege of serving as the Society’s new Vice President and working together to grow and strengthen our Society in the years to come!

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